Diesel Cotton Jockstraps (2-Packs) now available at Jockstraps.com

The Diesel Week-End Survival Jockstrap 2-Pack is a quality jockstrap made of mostly (96%) cotton.  These soft and comfortable jockstraps are great for your every-day underwear.  Made with a 1.5 Inch waistband with the Diesel Logo in large letters, 3/4 inch leg straps and a soft cotton, 2-ply, contoured pouch.  Two complimentary colors per package.


Now carrying the Diesel Striped Jockstrap at Jockstraps.com.  The Diesel Striped Jockstrap is a quality jockstrap made of mostly (95%) cotton.  These soft and comfortable jockstraps are great for your every-day underwear.  Made with a 1.5 Inch waistband with the Diesel Logo in large letters, 3/4 inch leg straps and a soft cotton, 2-ply, contoured striped pouch.  The stripes are on the outside of pouch only with a solid color on the back side.


Introducing the JUNK Underjeans Stealth Jock

The JUNK Underjeans “Stealth” jock features a nicely contoured pouch made of a double layer of ultra-light breathable sport mesh stretch polyester fabric. The pouch fabric is a hounds-tooth pattern with extra elastic trim down the sides of the pouch for added support. The black 1 1/2 inch waistband features the JUNK logo. This jock is completed with the 1” legstraps in the matching color.
Available in Royal Blue, Red and bright Yellow.


All Bike Jockstraps are on sale a Jockstraps.com through September 18th.  This includes discontinued items and the vintage throwback edition.


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Jockstraps.com is now carrying the Activeman 3” Athletic Supporter in Yellow.


Jockstraps.com is now offering Mueller brand Athletic Supporters in both black and white.  The white version has a ribbed pouch that feels very soft and is made of two layers of fabric.  The black version is classic mesh fabric of just a single layer.


Huge Sale on all Barcode Berlin products through August 9th. Plus get a free Barcode Berlin drawstring bag with the purchase of any Barcode Berlin Product. While supplies last.


For the first time ever Bike has come out with a limited edition “Throwback Edition" which is a remake of the old white Bike #10 model 7110. The jockstrap is all white with thin Red and Black tracer stripes in the 3" waistband. The packaging includes a vintage throwback edition label reminiscent of the original Bike labels from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Only limited quantities are available with 6000 having been produced.

Composition: Pouch is 55% Nylon, 25% Rubber and 20% cotton Waistband/Legstraps: 70% Polyester and 30% Rubber


Jockstraps.com has received the final inventory of the discontinued Bike Classic Swimmer Jockstrap.  Limited quantities remain in White (Small-XL), Black (Large) and Red (Medium-XL).


Jockstraps.com now has the Priape Classic jock back in stock in 5 colors.  Choose from Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, White or Grey.


Pistol Pete Velocity Jock

The Pistol Pete Velocity Jockstrap is a unique jockstrap with a hefty, contoured woven mesh pouch. The 2” waistband is Red and Black with thin white stripes and a large Pistol Pete logo. The unique 1 inch leg straps start at the top of the pouch rather than in the back and loop around the leg to meet up with the base of the pouch. An additional black,white support strap runs from the base of the pouch to the waistband. A tad awkward to put on but this jockstrap feels rather comfortable with it hefty contoured pouch.


The Papi Microfusion Performance Jockstrap comes in a 2-pack with two different colors.  The contoured pouch is made of microfiber and feels silky smooth.  The waistband has a cool pattern with the Papi logo.


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